Kevin M. O'Brien is an attorney with thirty years experience in DUI and drunk driving cases including DMV matters, felony and misdemeanor criminal defense. Kevin's experience means you will have a lawyer who knows the courts in Connecticut and you will have the best on your side, an experienced lawyer working with you every step of the way.

We know that when you are accused of a crime or DUI you are worried about losing your license or your job or even your freedom. We have been involved to help clients even before their arrest to work with the police and the prosecutors. We can help with arrangements to post bond, or fight for bond reduction to release your loved ones as soon as possible. We understand that it is better to have our client free to better prepare to defend the case in court.

Other attorneys refer their criminal and motor vehicle cases to our office for skilled, expert handling. We handle the following types of matters:

  - Drunk driving defense in court
  - Drunk driving defense at the motor vehicle department
  - Domestic violence
  - Drug paraphernalia possession
  - Drug possession
  - Possession with intent to sell narcotics
  - Juvenile cases
  - Youthful offender cases
  - Larceny
  - Assault
  - Robbery
  - Burglary
  - Embezzlement
  - Probation violations
  - Sex offenses
  - Reckless driving and reckless speeding
  - Driving under suspension / Department of motor vehicle suspensions